If this service is requested, the inspector will record all model numbers from all of the major appliances (microwave, refrigerators, dishwasher, oven, washing machine, dryer) and submit them to an agency. The agency will then search a database, which is managed by the government, to ensure none of the appliances have an active recall. Recall Chek is a service that can help you avoid any hazards due to faulty appliances in the home that you may be buying.

If an appliance has an active recall, the manufacturer must FIX IT FOR FREE. The government does require manufactures to fix their defect for free, but it is up to the customer to find out whether the appliance is recalled. In the event of a recall, the report will include:

  1. Nature of the recall

  2. Where the product was sold

  3. How to remedy the defect

  4. How to get the defect repaired or replaced - FREE

The best part about this service is, once you are a registered client, you have access for LIFE. That means, we will register you initially with your home inspection and you will be able to setup an account. You will get reports emailed to you on a regular basis about the status of your appliances (in case a recall comes about later on). You can also add-on additional appliances that you acquire or purchase in the future for FREE.

*If you would like to do a Recall Chek without a home inspection, please contact us to get this setup. We are an authorized dealer of RecallChek.