Residential Inspection

Customers who purchase a residential inspection will be given a detailed inspection report with pictures within 24 hours of the inspection. Ridgetop thoroughly inspects all major components of the property and advises clients about any future anticipated maintenance as well as any safety related items.

  • Exterior & Roof: exterior walls, siding, flashings, roof, gutters, downspouts, grounds, decks, patio, porches, retaining walls, garage, landscaping, grading, window wells, driveway, sidewalk, stairs, handrails,

  • Foundation & Structures

  • Plumbing: sump pumps

  • Interior: attic & insulation, stairs, handrails, interior/exterior doors, fireplace/wood burning device, bathroom, flooring, doors, windows, ventilation, walls, ceilings, basements, crawl spaces, plumbing, utility sinks, laundry area

  • Kitchen & Appliances: stove, refrigerator, microwave, secondary refrigerator, freezer, water heater. Recall check verifies there is no active recalls on any appliances.

  • HVAC: heating systems will be noted and age of units. Recommendations on useful life's.

  • Electrical Systems: Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), switches, fixtures, receptacles, breaker/fuse box

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections are not normally done, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be. A pre-listing inspection makes sellers aware of any issues that may arise upfront before determining a listing price AND before negotiating. By fixing any issues BEFORE a price is settled on, you can account for any repairs in your listing pricing. If you are a seller and do not want to fix these issues, you can disclose the information to the buyer. The information provided to the buyer will make them aware of any issues identified which gives them more facts to work with. Pre-listing inspections can also help real estate professionals when marketing the home because the more information the agent can provide, the more they can reinforce the seller's asking price.

  • Reduce time on the market

  • Avoid unexpected issues

  • Allow repairs to be built into the cost

  • Extra time to do repairs at a reasonable cost

  • Adds selling points

  • Reassures the buyer

  • Professional report can be given to your buyer