Termite / Pest

What is a termite or wood-destroying organism?

Termites/Pests are wood-destroying insects that eat wet and moldy wood. They can cause serious structural damage to your home because they live in colonies that can range from several hundred thousand to several million. Termites eat all day, seven days a week. It is estimated that termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year.

What is a termite inspection?

A termite or Wood Destroying Insect Inspection is required by most lenders for home purchases or refinancing. A termite inspection is a visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of a home for evidence of wood-destroying insects. The inspector will visually inspect the entire interior of a home (including basements and crawlspaces) and exterior of the property. If you are buying or selling a home, we highly recommend that you get a termite inspection.

How can you prevent termites?

  • Monitor moisture levels

  • Keep mulch >1 ft away from your foundation

  • Use only pressure-treated lumber for porches and decks

  • Keep firewood several feet away from the exterior of your home

  • Ensure all gardens and flower beds are as far away from your home's perimeter as possible

  • Repair any leaking fixtures that may cause wood to rot

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